American Quarter Horse Association (left to right) 

  • Caught/Net: Illustration by Melissa Grimes
  • Goemmer Ranch: Photo by Becky Newell
  • Kelly Kaminski: Photo by Tracy Trahar

Horse & Rider Magazine (left to right) 

  • Pattern: Photo by Darrell Dodds
  • Your Horse/Life: Photo by Darrell Dodds
  • Practice Pen: Photo by Darrell Dodds

D Magazine (left to right)

  • President: Photo by Joshua Martin
  • Highs/Lows: Illustration by Sean McCabe
  • Names/Planes: Illustration by Quickhoney
  • Roller Derby: Photo by Elizabeth Lavin
  • Greenberg/Ryan: Photography by Dan Sellers
  • Watkins: Photo by Elizabeth Lavin
  • Television: Illustration by Andy Potts
  • Dancing Queen: Photo by James Bland

Living Magazine (left to right)

  • Black Dress: Photo by Wade Livingston
  • Honesty: Illustration by Brian Smith
  • Cast A Spell: Photo by Wade Livingston
  • Healthier You: Photo by Vanessa Gavalya
  • Ideal Weight: Superstock/Photo-Illustration by Brian Smith
  • Savannah: Photography by Scott Womack
  • Getaways: Superstock

American Way Magazine 2013 (left to right)

  • Coal Freighter: Photography by Stephen J. Lyons
  • Blues Harp: Illustration by Sam Bosma
  • Silent Lucidity: Photography by Rudy Meyers
  • Fort Greene: Richard Levine/Alamy; Philip Scalia/Alamy; Stephanie Berger; Map: Peter and Maria Hoey
  • Itinerary – Eve: Steve & Mada/Contour by Getty Images; Music: Renaud Philippe, Jane McCarthy/Getty Images, Courtesy Festival D'ete de Quebec, Ethan Miller/Getty Images; The National: Diedre  O'Callaghan; Scooper Bowl: Aaron Washington
  • Take/Limit: Keith Ladzinski/Associated Press
  • Bodybuilding: Photography by Steve Puppe
  • Nip/Tuck: Illustration by Ryan Snook
  • Path/Resistance: Photography by David Nevala
  • American Chefs: Illustration by Laura Perez
  • Clear Skies: Jim Brandenburg/Getty Images
  • Costa Rica: Finca Rosa Blanca, Thornton Cohen/Alamy, Atlantide Phototravel/Corbis, Bill Curtsinger/Getty Images
  • Montevideo: Will & Deni McIntyre/Getty Images, Courtesy 62 Bar, Walter Bibikow/Getty Images, Courtesy Francis, Viviane Ponti/Getty Images, Richard Cummins/Getty Images
  • Car Parts: Illustration by Traci Debarko
  • From Dream to Reality: Photography by Jeff Singer
  • Prosthetics: Courtesy Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory; Getty Images; Visuals Unlimited, Inc./Victor Habbick/Getty Images; UPMC; Popular Science via Getty Images; Courtesy DEKA
  • Itinerary: Mike Ruiz / Contour by Getty Images
  • Madden: Illustration by Andy Potts
  • Itinerary: Patton: Todd Plitt/Contour by Getty Images. Second Page Clockwise From Top Left: Dallas Arboretum (3); Courtesy Estabrook Beer Garden; Courtesy Sheffield's Chicago; Jeff Turner; Global Jet; Starr Restaurants. Save The Date: Xavier Fane; Chris Leising
  • Seed Preservation: First spread, from left: Dornith Doherty (2); inset: Courtesy Seed Savers Exchange. First page, second spread: Dornith Doherty; Courtesy Seed Savers Exchange. Second page, second spread: Clockwise from top: Courtesy Seed Savers Exchange; Dornith Doherty (2); Courtesy Seed Savers Exchange; MCT via Getty Images
  • Dive In: First spread, From left: Stephen Frink/Getty Images; Jeff Hunter/Getty Images. Second spread, Clockwise from top left: Cathy Church; Michele Westmorland/Getty Images; Romilly Lockyer/Getty Images; Jeff Hunter/Getty Images. Sidebar: Divers: Jay Easterbrook/Cayman Islands Department of Tourism; Pirates: JTB Media Creation, Inc./Alamy
  • Twitter/Stock Market: Illustration by Seth
  • Star Treatment: Photography by Jordan Hollender
  • Power to the People: Illustration by Goni Montes
  • Idina Mendez: Taghi Naderzad/Contour by Getty Images
  • Eurostar: Illustration by Peter Oumanski
  • Body Conscious: From left: Getty Images; Getty Images/Russell Sadur